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EFT Tapping for Improving Self-Esteem and Confidence

Eft Tapping can be extremely powerful, especially when addressing self-esteem and self-confidence. Often a lack of self-love can come from somewhere in your past.

Maybe you’ve been told you’re not good enough? Or that you’re not worthy by either friends, teachers or even family; important people in your life may have created this doubt in your mind from a young age, and then you start believing it’s actually true.

EFT can help find the root cause of where this belief began and then start to change the emotion in your mind and body by changing the story you keep telling yourself.

By understanding where exactly in your past the lack of confidence comes from, and also understanding what can trigger it now, it gives you a chance to acknowledge, accept and then embrace all the parts of you in a new way so you can greet it with love and kindness. By tapping in to these memories, you can learn to greet the negative thoughts with kindness which will empower you to change your habits and patterns for good.

You can literally re-write these negative stories you keep telling yourself like ‘I’m not good enough’ with new positive and loving thoughts. Doesn’t that sound good?

There are 9 main EFT tapping points, not including the fingers, these points are based on Acupuncture Meridians. Each EFT point corresponds to a physical and an emotional part of the body.

By tapping 4 specific Eft points in particular, you can connect with the locked emotions that are keeping you stuck in the negative belief about yourself.

These 4 points below are particularly good for lack of self-esteem and lack of confidence:

EFT Point: Under the Nose

Releases shame and powerlessness and promotes self-acceptance, self-empowerment, and compassion for self and others.

EFT Point: Under the Mouth

Releases confusion and uncertainty and promotes clarity, certainty, confidence, and self-acceptance.

EFT Point: Collarbone

Releases the feeling of being stuck, promotes ease in moving forward, and boosts confidence and clarity.

EFT Point: Under the Arm

Releases guilt, worry, and obsessing and promotes clarity, confidence, relaxation, and compassion for self and others.

Tapping all the 9 EFT points is beneficial and completing several rounds is always advised. These points help regulate the nervous system and also re-wire negative thoughts and patterns. A skilled EFT practitioner like myself will hold a safe space for you whilst exploring this together by using helpful language, tapping scripts and healing mantras.

If you’re ready to change how you feel about yourself, contact me. If you want to learn more, follow my Tapping Tuesday videos on social media via my Instagram and Tik Tok account @ela_nedra.

Love & Light


Ela Nedra Health


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