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 London or Online 

Wellness Workshops...
Unique EFT & Relaxation Sessions delivered to your corporate team

Healthy Employees mean a Healthy Business!

Give your team the support they need to do their best in the workplace.


Corporate wellness is fast becoming more important as stress and anxiety levels are increasing in the workplace.

Regular EFT Tapping can reduce Cortisol levels by 43% (cortisol is the main stress hormone in your body) and also regulates the CNS (central nervous system).


The Ela Nedra Healing Method is the culmination of 20 years experience as a multi-skilled, healing therapist, including: EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Coaching, Talk Therapy, Reiki Meditation, Visualisation, Reiki Healing, Inner Child Healing, Breath Work & Matrix-Reimprinting (re-framing memories)

Not sure what you need? Choose from my signature corporate wellbeing packages, available below, or contact me if you want to discuss a bespoke approach for your team.

Whether you are looking for a wellness activity over a lunch break, or a full-day wellbeing corporate event, we can make it happen. I offer both remote sessions on line, or in person in your London office; or wherever you are based!


From my invigorating 45 minute Align & Shine session, featuring EFT Tapping and Breathwork exercises, to my calming Relax & Restore session, with guided Reiki Meditation and Visualisations, there's something in my tool-kit for any team! I've carefully curated your workplace wellbeing workshops to fit all your corporate needs, paying special attention to time, so they can be easily weaved into the day.

Align & Shine

45 minutes (group session)

This powerful and uplifting wellness session will leave you feeling refreshed, positive, and ready to crack on with the day; allowing you to function to your full potential. Emotional Freedom Technique (often referred to as Tapping) is a fantastic tool to use to help regulate your nervous system, especially if it’s feeling a bit fried. It’s like having acupuncture but without the needles!


Combining uplifting Breath Work and EFT Tapping, we can increase your energy and help realign your thought patterns, leaving you feeling lighter and fully refreshed. Ready to take on the world again.

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Meditating in Backyard

Relax & Restore

45 minutes (group session)

This restorative wind down session will allow you to fully relax, as you melt into a soothing guided Reiki Meditation and Visualisation, including some gentle Breath Work to calm the nervous system, leaving you in a blissful state. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety. Say hello to wellness and calm.

From Fear to Freedom

60 minutes (1:1 bespoke session, in person or online) 


A no-nonsense, one-to-one, deep dive session to get
you from feeling stuck to freedom! We'll address and
re-frame any deep-rooted beliefs, habits, patterns, or trauma. I'll hold a safe space for you, and together we'll explore what's keeping you stuck, fearful or angry. But most importantly, how you can change it. Corporate wellness is just as important as your home life and physical health.

Say goodbye to being defensive, comparing yourself or seeking approval from others. Say hello to joy! We'll identify and re-frame the problems quickly with a sprinkle of love, compassion and understanding, allowing for the positive and lasting changes you are seeking.

I've trained in many healing techniques alongside EFT Tapping therapy. I may use some of my other skills in my tool-kit such as; Reiki Healing, Breath Work, Visualisations, Inner Child Work, Talk Therapy, Coaching
and Matrix-Reimprinting (re-framing memories).

Ready to Party
Pink Blossom

‘Emma's a master communicator!’
-Juliette, London 

‘Emma was absolutley amazing. She had the team transfixed from the get go!’

-Tamara, London 

A brief overview of some of the therapies Emma practices in...

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was developed in the 1990's by Gary Craig in the USA but can be dated back 5000 years to its links to Acupuncture. There is significant evidence of it's effectiveness, and it can be used with both kids and adults. EFT is a form of Talk Therapy or Coaching that draws on a combination of theories including Acupuncture, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Energy Medicine.

EFT involves tapping on specific meridian points whilst bringing awareness into the body with positive affirming language. We can literally ‘tap’ into and release emotional blocks caused by past traumas. We do this by accessing our subconscious mind through our memories and chasing the energy. I will completely guide you, so you can stay present. It's non-invasive and safe to use with groups or in a 1:1 session.

How can EFT be a powerful tool?

EFT is a powerful tool and can help with:

  • Confidence & Self Love

  • Comparisons

  • Fear of Change or Loss

  • Career and Purpose

  • Boundaries

  • Anxiety & Panic Attacks

  • Physical Pain

  • Feeling Stuck

  • Negative Self Talk

  • Self-Worth

  • Phobias

  • Stress & Overwhelm

  • Emotional Stress

  • Decision Making

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Phobias

Reiki Meditation & Visualisations

As a Reiki Master & Reiki Teacher, I’ve been channeling guided meditations and visualisations for my clients and Reiki students for over 20 years. They are fused with healing vibrations and Reiki Healing to first help soothe and heal the body and then to clear the mind from chatter and negative thoughts. My technique is powerful and unique each time. Leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and centred.

Breath Work

There are many different types of breath work which are often used in Yoga. I’ll be using a combination in my sessions. Uplifting and invigorating techniques, which I’ll use in The Align & Shine session to increase more oxygen in the body and also increase energy. And then relaxing and calming techniques which I’ll use in the Rest & Restore to calm the para sympathetic nervous system.

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