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“I was sceptical about EFT before I met Emma, but her technique is undeniably powerful and precise. She's taught me how to cope with the stress, and since seeing her I'm happier and more confident.”
~Naomi, Nutritionist, London 

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Gain Emotional Freedom from what’s holding you back, using EFT (tapping), Coaching, Talk Therapy, Reiki Healing, Breath Work plus more with Emma's

Integrated Coaching Sessions

Anxiety and stress get in the way of making good choices about Relationships, Career, Habits and Health. Together, we'll increase your self-worth and confidence, giving you the freedom to achieve your goals—all with a sense of clarity, understanding, acceptance and calm.

Say goodbye to anxiety, fear and lack of confidence. Your ‘Now’ your ‘Present’ deserves to be full of kindness, love and joy!

Step into your power and do all the things you’ve been dreaming of with peace and focus.

I know it can be scary, but doing nothing is worse!

Contact me and together, we’ll decide what you need to start feeling calm and focused again.

Hour session £80

For when times are tight 'I've got you'
Hour Session £55

Packages Available



Boosting your immune system has never been more important than now!


  • Detox & Cleansing Plans

  • Weight Loss

  • Digestion Problem Solving

  • Immune-System Reboot

  • Herbal & Supplement Guidance

  • Nutrition Advice 

If you’re struggling with:

Lack of Energy and Motivation / Dull Skin / Poor Immune System / Bloating / Gas / Abdominal Pain / Constipation / IBS / Skin Problems / Headaches / Weight Problems / Allergies & Food Sensitivities / Sleep Problems / Anxiety & Depression / Mood Swings


Or just need to press the Reset button.​ We’ll dip into my toolbox to sort you out with some fun things:

  • Great Healthy Recipes

  • Daily Cleansing Routines

  • New Eating Habits

  • Supplement and Herbal advice for most ailments

  • Or some great mamma jamma herbs to clear you out and reset your system.

Contact me and, together, we'll decide what you need. We'll get you back on track and feeling great in no time.

Hour session £80

For when times are tight 'I've got you'
Hour Session £55

Packages Available

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‘Giving yourself Reiki is like having a beautiful loving hug everyday’ ~ Emma

Learn to transform your energy flow for you, friends & family.

I’ve been fortunate to learn and practice Reiki in Japan and the UK with some inspirational Reiki Masters.  I’ve been teaching the Usui lineage of Reiki since 2000.

Reiki Level 1: For treating yourself, friends & family. 

Reiki Level 2: Practitioner level incorporating the 3 Usui Reiki Symbols

Reiki Master & Master Teacher: Incorporating the Master Reiki Symbols plus more…

Reiki 1 & Reiki 2: Usually taught in small groups over 2 days. (Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 10am-2pm)


Reiki Master & Reiki Teacher levels: Usually taught on a 1-1 basis over several months. You can become a Reiki Master without having to teach. 

All Reiki courses include:
Guided Meditations, Energy Healings, Sharing Circles, Reiki History & Origins, Reiki attunements, a Manual and a Certified Certificate.

Plus a sprinking of joy & laughter...

Where are they taught?
Reiki courses are held in a beautiful secret location in Streatham, South London SW16.

Prices are as follows:  Reiki 1 £295 | Reiki 2 £395 | Reiki Master £1,222 | Reiki Master Teacher £1,888
Payment plans are available.

“I've had Reiki sessions around the world, but I've honestly found Emma to be the best I've experienced. I go in feeling scattered & foggy and come out a new man. Her healing sessions, professionalism and gentle touch are divine. Need assistance to clear blockages that might be holding you back from something really, really amazing?
Emma is your girl.”

~Daniel, Fitness Consultant, Sydney 

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Writing and singing was my dream. 

Empowering myself, I created my music when I stepped into my power What have you always wanted to do?

Tailored sessions to recall and reclaim all parts of yourself and rediscover your mojo.


These magical sessions will include Reiki, Coaching, EFT and everything else in my toolbox including mentoring support and accountability homework.


I highly recommend booking a series of 6 sessions.

Come with a project or not and we'll work together to unlock your creative powers. 

Watch my Eradicate the NO video below

90 minute session £150

Packages Available



Pink Lemon



Emma taught me how to get out of all my bad eating habits - I'm even cooking now! With her recipe ideas, it was a doddle. Her gentle and easy approach wasn't daunting at all. Thank you so much!

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Everytime I've had an EFT sesh with Emma, it feels like a giant exhale of relief. Yeah, it's intense, but sooo worth it. And, somehow, she always manages to make me laugh through my tears.

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I was at a point of despair – Meeting Emma changed my outlook on life. She has a calm manner, puts you at ease and is always supportive. Her teaching style is professional, and learning Reiki levels 1 & 2 was the best thing I’ve ever done. I thank Emma for not just being my Reiki Master - but now a dear friend.

Eradicate the NO — My music journey

Eradicate the NO
EmCave - Eradicate The No

EmCave - Eradicate The No

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