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The Ela Nedra Healing Method

“I’ll inspire and teach you how to take control of your life. Let's get you glowing again physically and emotionally”
Love, Emma x

Align & Shine!
Because ...

Your life can be big, beautiful and bold. 

You can’t change situations—but you CAN change how you react to them.


It’s time to glow - Let me show you how...



My Events

Let's get connected. I teach and hold a variety of fun, interactive healing events and courses in SW London including Reiki Courses

and a monthly Reiki Share group, The Reiki Sanctuary

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Work With Me: In person & Online


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Life’s short, so I won’t waste your time with long-winded descriptions of everything in my toolbox. Click here for FAQ’s about Reiki, EFT and all you’ll need to know.

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Call me, and together, we’ll decide what you need!

“Emma, You are magical. Working with you is inspiring and a breath of fresh air.”

~Deborah, Nanny, London


7 Day Detox

Try my ‘Short & Sweet in a Week’ 7-day detox plan 


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Gain Emotional Freedom from what’s holding you back using EFT, Coaching, Reiki, Talk Therapy plus more...


  • Improve your relationships, career, habits and health

  • Increase your self worth and confidence

  • Embrace your full potential

Hour session £75

For when times are tight
'I've got you'
Hour Session £50

Packages Available

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Boosting your immune system has never been more important than now!


  • Detox & Cleansing Plans

  • Weight Loss

  • Digestion Problem Solving

  • Immune-System Reboot

  • Herbal & Supplement Guidance

  • Nutrition Advice 

Hour session £75

For when times are tight
​'I've got you'
Hour Session £50

Packages Available



Usui Reiki Training 

‘Reiki is the most beautiful gift you will ever give to yourself’ ~ Emma

Reiki Level 1 — For treating yourself, friends & family

Reiki Level 2 — Practitioner level incorporating the 3 Usui Reiki Symbols

Reiki Master & Master Teacher — Incorporating the Master Reiki Symbols plus more…


Also Available: 

Guided Meditations / Chakra Cleansing / Heart Healings / 

Space Clearings using Native American Medicine Wheels for individuals, groups and events.

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Writing and singing was my dream. What's yours? 

After doing my own inner work with tapping, detoxing, self-enquiry, talking, crying, shouting, and healing…


I finally have the courage to show the world my music and sing!

Watch my Eradicate the NO video below

Unlock your creative
powers with these seriously no-nonsense sessions.

90 minute session £150

Packages Available

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PR Executive

Emma’s 7-day detox always results in glowing skin, shifting a few extra pounds & an extra energy boost. Love it!

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Marketing Manager

Making connections emotionally really helped me break my negative patterns. I have more happiness, acceptance and peace than I ever could have imagined.

Emma’s online sessions are wonderful! Her EFT coaching sessions have changed my life; all from my favourite comfy chair.

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I've got you . . .

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My Story

When I allowed myself to shine

Hi, I'm Emma. Singing and Natural Health have always been central to my life. I’ve been a therapist since 1999 and a singer since I could speak. And if you know me, you know I love to chat!


Without having done my own inner work, I wouldn’t be the performer and singer I am today; and poor ‘Ela Nedra’ would still be trapped inside my excess baggage.  


I had some old insecurities and beliefs I needed to deal with. Reiki and EFT (tapping) changed my world and how I see it....


Eradicate the NO — My music journey