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The Ela Nedra Healing Method

I’ll inspire and teach you how to take control of your life again, taking you from stuck to freedom!
Love, Emma x

Align & Shine!
Because ...

Your life can be big, beautiful and bold. 

You can’t change situations—but you CAN change how you react to them.


It’s time to glow - Let me show you how...

Therapist, Teacher and Healer since 1999

Not sure what you need?

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“Emma you've changed my life”

~ Faith, Edinburgh 

“Emma, You are magical. Working with you is inspiring and a breath of fresh air.”

~Deborah, Nanny, London

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1:1 Sessions
In-Person or On-line

Moving You From Fear to Freedom...

The Ela Nedra Healing Method

My healing toolkit includes:

EFT Tapping, Reiki Healing,

Coaching, Talk Therapy,

Breath Work, Inner Child Work

plus more...

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Reiki Courses
Usui Reiki Training

Small Groups In-Person 
SW London

Level 1: For treating yourself, friends & family

Level 2: Practitioner level & learning the 3 Reiki Symbols

Level 3: Reiki Master & Master Teacher

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My Events
Let's Get Connected

In-Person Healing Groups
SW London

 Fun, nourishing & interactive healing events held on weekends & evenings including a monthly Reiki share group The Reiki Sanctuary & Reiki courses



“Emma, You are magical. Working with you is inspiring and a breath of fresh air.”


~Deborah, Nanny, London

crystallise_INSTRUMENTAL_MASTER [ 1 ] -

My Story

When I allowed myself to shine...

Hi, I'm Emma. Singing and Natural Health have always been central to my life. I’ve been a therapist since 1999 and a singer since I could speak. And if you know me, you know I love to chat!


Without having done my own inner healing work, I wouldn’t be the therapist, performer and singer I am today.  


I had some old insecurities and beliefs I needed to deal with. Reiki and EFT (tapping) changed my world and how I see it....

About Me

Milly, Freelancer,


My Reiki 1 weekend with Emma exceeded all my expectations, can't think of a better teacher I'd rather learn from. Loved the small class sizes - already signed up for Level 2

Michelle, Artist,

Emma’s online sessions are wonderful! Her EFT coaching sessions have changed my life; all from my favourite comfy chair.

Nicola, Marketing Manager, Birmingham

Making emotional connections really helped me break my negative patterns. I have more happiness, acceptance and peace than I ever could have imagined.
Eradicate the NO

Eradicate the NO — My music journey