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EFT Tapping Therapy for Kids

EFT Tapping Points for Kids

What is EFT?

EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping; is a form of counselling, or talking therapy, that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including Chinese Acupuncture, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Energy Medicine. It’s fast becoming one the most effective healing tools to help reduce anxiety and stress, and is used by many clinical therapists throughout the world with adults and especially children. How does it Work?

EFT works by combining both cognitive (the brain) and somatic (the body) elements. This combination helps to regulate the Central Nervous System, (CNS) and also reduce cortisol hormone levels in the body. By tapping the specific acupressure points on the face and body, plus using specific targeted language, it can help re-balance your energy, alleviate physical and emotional pain and help release emotional distress from past or present events. Many studies have demonstrated its efficiency for both physiological and psychological symptoms. It’s a highly effective technique to help with many issues like: anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, social anxiety, imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, plus much more. EFT Tapping rewires the brain's response to the proposed threat, and the thoughts and emotions associated with it, we then can experience more calm in our body as the relaxed amygdala sends the signal to the endocrine system to stop producing stress hormones, cortisol. This soothing technique is highly effective with children, and from my experience as a certified advanced EFT practitioner, children respond very quickly to EFT. Using EFT with Kids

Tapping is used regularly with children, and in the USA, it’s becoming common practice in the morning at registration to help calm and set the kids up for the day. The research shows that tapping with kids calms the Amygdala in the brain, which regulates their Nervous System. This then helps to reduces stress, fear and anxiety. And when used regularly, can help increase confidence and self-worth. As an experienced advanced and certified EFT practitioner, I’ve found that teaching EFT in a simpler form to children works very well. In fact, simply tapping on any of the points without words can put the child into a calmer state. I’ve taught children to use tapping when they were emotionally upset, afraid, or remembering bad memories and even when having difficulty going to sleep. It usually works quickly with children, often in 10 minutes or less. It can also be really helpful to use with PTSD, ADHD or SEN children too.

EFT Tapping Points & What to Say?

The Tapping Points are found on the top half of the body but also include points on the hands and fingers. These are the 9 main EFT Tapping points below, including the associated emotions related to each point: When working with kids, you may not need to do all these points. I also like to re-name the points with fun names, so they can remember them more easily. For example, using ‘Gorilla’ for the collarbone point, and ‘Monkey’ for the under-arm point. 1. Side of the Hand - Karate Chop 2. Eyebrow 3. Side of the Eye 4. Under the Eye 5. Under the Nose 6. Chin 7. Collarbone 8. Under the Arm 9. Top of the Head Tapping Tips

  1. You can tap with either hand, or both together

  2. Tap with the fingertips of your index finger and middle finger in order to cover the points more easily

  3. Tap solidly but never hard enough to hurt

  4. Tap approximately 7 times on each point (although it doesn’t matter whether this is a little more or less)

  5. It doesn’t matter which side of the body you tap, and you can change

  6. Tapping through all the points is considered 1 full round. It’s suggested to do a minimum of 3 full tapping rounds

Always keep it simple when working with kids. Start with something like this …

Example: Start Tapping on the karate point and say out loud … “Even though I have this terrible problem… (insert the specific issue)


Even though I’m feeling sad… (insert the specific feeling)

  • I’m a good person

  • I’m a cool kid

  • My parents love me

The whole sentence would be something like this: “Even though I’m feeling sad, my parents love me and I’m a good kid” Then you tap all the points in several full rounds repeating this tapping script. Try this with your kids in the morning, or at the end of the night to help them relax and go to sleep without the worry of the day. I’m collaborating with Beam Academy to bring EFT in schools, contact them if you’d like to know more or how we can teach your kids: If you’d like to change how you feel about yourself, reduce anxiety or have any questions, please contact me. If you want to learn more, follow my Tapping Tuesday videos on social media via: Instagram: @ela_nedra Tik Tok: @ela_nedra Love & Light Emma Ela Nedra Health


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