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How Learning Reiki Changed My Life!

In my twenties I lived in New York, I came home in 1999.

Shortly after I came to London, I experienced a physical & mental breakdown where I spent some time in hospital.

(I now realise it was my healing break-through)

I’d come home from The States totally heart broken from a huge breakup. I thought he was the love of my life. I had no where to live and I felt totally lost with no clue about what to do with my life. I felt completely lost. I was 27 years old, approaching my Saturn Return.

My mum mentioned a Reiki Level 1 course in Dorset where she was now living. She'd moved there from Croydon, Surrey when I was in the USA. Another reason I was feeling a bit lost. She'd met this lovely lady in the village who was teaching Reiki courses.

I remember saying to her “Rei what?" I'd never heard of Reiki before. But something just connected, plus I also trusted my mum complicity. I was intrigued by this whole energy thing.

Then what happened?

I signed up for the Reiki Level 1 course not really knowing what to expect at all and travelled down from London to Dorset to complete it. I spent the entire weekend crying and laughing in equal measures as I slowly began my healing process of self love…

I remember saying to Annabel, my Reiki Master Teacher during the Reiki course, "I needed this last year", to which she replied, "You weren't ready last year, this is your divine time now"

This has always stuck in my head. We often want to rush our feelings, especially the uncomfortable ones and not honour them fully, everything happens at the right time.

It felt loving and nurturing

Reiki gave me an immediate sense of ‘coming home’ within my mind and body. It felt loving and nurturing. Like and old friend. It gave me the strength and courage to start the new and much needed chapter of my life as a healing therapist. I went on to become a Reiki Master Teacher and also train in many other different healing therapies all around the world.

Reiki also gave me the courage to continue my singing and music, which had always been how I expressed myself since I was a child. Alongside EFT tapping, Reiki helps free my creative freedom and clears the self sabotaging blocks that get in the way of me being my most liberated creative self.


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